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New: Instructions on how to convert PianoDB2K into Access 2007. See Below...

Microsoft Access 2003 and PianoDB2K:

PianoDB2K can be converted into an Access 2003 database and then can be used with the newest version of Access, such as the Access version which comes in Office XP. Read more...

Questions about converting and running versions of PianoDB97 in Access 2002? Read more...

   PianoDB provides an unparalleled flexible Windows relational database which will keep your clients and their pianos straight, whether you have a few hundred or several thousand. Use it, as many technicians have, "right off the web", to enter your clients and move away from that 3x5 card file and into the 21st Century. Or save your time for tuning pianos by using it as a beginning point for creating your own personalized business management database with the completely custom letters, data entry forms and database source code.
  PianoDB accurately maintains a practically unlimited number of clients, each of which can have multiple pianos with thousands of individual detailed service notes. Service charges are totaled and an itemized Invoice, for a single piano or multiple pianos with each piano separately listed, can be sent at the press of a button. This means that you can easily keep track of the single-piano family or the large institution with many pianos which are serviced many times a month or year.
  Print out Tuning Appointments for the day, week or month. Mail reminders or make reminder calls using the built-in Reminder Report or Recall Form, which automatically find only those clients that need mailing or calling in any desired month.
  Use one of the more than 16 Reports, easily create a new report from scratch or use an existing report as a template. Quickly find a Client by their phone number, last tuning date, street, city and more by using one of the 22 included Queries. Maintain a list of phone conversations and keep detailed information for Suppliers, most often ordered Supplies, Piano Technicians and other Business Contacts.
  PianoDB requires an installed full copy of Microsoft Access and is fully Year 2000 compliant, if your computer and BIOS are likewise Year 2000 compliant.

  D C AL CODA has made the transition to Instant e-Delivery of all versions of PianoDB. When you order PianoDB, by check/mail or via the Secure Electronic page, you will receive information on how to access the secure PianoDB download page, from which you can instantly download, install and start using PianoDB.
  Instant e-Delvery and the current sale make it an excellent time to get your copy of PianoDB, either for MSAccess versions 2.0, 95, 97 and 2000.

Converting PianoDB2K to PianoDB07:

These are the steps I did to convert PianoDB2K into PianoDB07. I hope they work for you also. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems.

The main problem with the PianoDB2K interface database is that the AutoDialer button has code that is not supported in Access 2007. Also, Utility.mda is referenced via this code and that is not supported in Access 2007. You may also get some Macro error that the command, Quit, is not supported.

Other than these minor issues, PianoDB runs well in Access 2007.

1. Make backup copies of all of your files and save them to somewhere safe, while you are working on this conversion.
2. Open and convert the data database, pndb2Kdt.mdb
3. Open the other database you are using, PianoDB2K(640x480).mdb, PianoDB2K(800x600).mdb or PianoDB2K(1024x768).mdb
4. You may have to OK past some errors that Access 2007 puts up, but doing so should not cause any problems. And you have backups saved if something goes awry.
5. Find, list & open all forms with Dialer button.
5.1. Business Contacts
5.2. Client
5.3. New Calls
5.4. Recall
5.5. Recall (High Priority)
5.6. Remind
5.7. Suppliers
5.8. Technicians
6. Open Properties, Click the AutoDialer button
7. Click the Events tab and click the ellipsis button to get to the Code Editor
8. Go to event and delete the Sub (Delete from where it says “Sub” to “End Sub”)
9. Then with the Code Editor open,
10. Open Edit | Find, check the box to find in Current Project, Go to Next and delete all Subs forDialer & Auto Dialer (Delete from where it says “Sub” to “End Sub”)
11. Delete all the AutoDial Command Buttons on the open forms
12. Compile again to see if anything is left over
13. Open Tools | References – uncheck Utility
14. Compile & Save
15. Go to the Security Center or Trust Center and make any changes that are necessary to tell Access 2007 that PianoDB is a trusted database.
16. Open PianoDB and go to the Linked Table Manager,
16.1. Select All of the tables and the checkbox by “Always prompt for location” and
16.2. hit the OK button, you will be prompted to choose the new database, pndb2Kdt.accdb, and
16.3. hit the Open button.
16.4. A message will come up saying that the linking was successful.

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