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PianoDB2K Readme

The Readme file included in the PianoDB2K, you purchased, was incorrect in that it refers to PianoDB97 instead of PianoDB2K and Windows 97 instead of Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP. The basic information is correct if you substitute the correct version of PianoDB and Windows.  However, these corrections are published to clarify any questions you may have about the install process.

PianoDB2K Installation:

The PianoDB2K files MUST be installed into a directory called, C:\PianoDB2K

That is the default directory in the Install Program and should not be changed.

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP Installation:

Uncompress the zipped file you downloaded from the Internet. It is suggested that you unzip these files into a folder with no other files.

Then double-click the file, SETUP.EXE. This will initiate the install program. Follow the instructions. PianoDB2K MUST be installed into the folder, C:\PianoDB2K, which is the default install folder.

The install program will create a PianoDB2K program folder, with Shortcuts, in your Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP Start Menu.

When the Installation process is completed there will be files, listed below, in C:\PianoDB2K.

The files that will be installed in C:\PianoDB2K are the following:

PianoDB2K(640x480).mdb (for use with monitors running 640x480 resolution)
PianoDB2K(800x600).mdb (for use with monitors running 800x600 resolution)
PianoDB2K(1024x768).mdb (for use with monitors running 1024x768 resolution)

PNDB2KDT.MDB, the DATA file for PianoDB2K

The following files will be installed in C:\PianoDB2K\Help

PianoDB Manual.doc, this document in Word format
PianoDBinfo.hlp, PianoDB information in a Windows Help file format
README2K.TXT, a overview of the install process
PIANODB.ICO, the icon file used by PianoDB2K
3PNOKEYS.BMP, the logo file used on PianoDB2K reports and forms
WhatsNew.txt, a text document with the most recent PianoDB2K changes
License.txt, the D C AL CODA/PianoDB2K License

To open PianoDB2K, click on one of the PianoDB2K() Shortcuts, based on what your computer monitor's resolution. 

Copyright 1994-2005 by D C AL CODA & Alcoda Software